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Put your feet up…
and get creative.

We love footstools. We love ottomans. Why do we love them? They make a room.

Our bespoke footstools are a canvas for stunning fabrics — we often use much-loved embroidery, suzanis and kilims to make beautiful pieces.

Whether it's our practical Nadder storage cubes or a substantial ottoman, all can be created to your sizing and style.

With prices from £900 for a 100cm x 80cm x 40cm stool and from £250 for storage cubes, these help deliver the wow factor. So go on… show your flair.

A gallery of ideas...

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Every stool is bespoke.

Our footstools are all handmade to customer requirements — ranging from standard rectangular forms to trefoils, hexagons and ovals.


Points to consider when designing a stool include buttoning, piping, nailing and studding, braiding, bullion fringes and, of course, leg finishes — an important element, since they are on display.


Once you’ve thought about all that ­— and the size — you’ll have a true centrepiece for your room.

A simple option, placing the focus on the fabric. This is a style we often use with kilims and similar decorative materials.

A style that gives visual interest to the top of your stool — especially if you use contrasting buttons. 

A very pronounced and deliberate button finish to the top — often a more traditional finish on smaller stools.

Top options

Shallow Button

Deep button

Flat top

Available in a range of light and dark finishes, with or without casters, wooden legs are often the fairly natural choice.

Bun feet at each corner is often the style we would use on a lidded ottoman where the sides of the piece are deeper.

If you want your footstool to match skirted sofas and chairs — perhaps as a run-up stool — this is the one to go for.

Feet options

Bun feet


Turned / Tapered legs

A deliberate and impactful edging finish that often works well with stronger, bolder fabric choices

Whether in a contrast material or self-piped, this can give a clean and crisp finish to the edge of your stool.

Your stool can be any height — a deeper side gives you more "fabric real estate", shallower sides work best with legs.

Edging finishes

Double piping

Deep/shallow sides

Nailed finish

The first step? Drop us a line and tell us what you're after, the sort of fabrics you like and the scheme you want to fit into. This is where the fun starts!

Book an appointment to come and see us and we can show you our range and give you advice on fabric choices and the finishes that suit your home. 

Once you have decided on the style, the fabrics and finishes you like, we create the perfect piece of furniture for your home — built to last.

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